At University Roofing & Construction, we have three goals.


Educate ourselves.


Educate our customers.


Provide best practice solutions for your roofing and

exterior needs with superior customer service.


Whether you are in the process of navigating an insurance claim or simply building a new home there are many, many decisions. We pride ourselves in taking the time to educate and empower our customers to make informed decisions regarding their home or business.


Schedule Coffee with one of our Roofing Professionals


Do you have an exterior project that you need to complete?  No idea where to start? Busy, hectic schedule in your life? Schedule a short, informal meeting with one of our roofing professionals at your local Starbucks and learn if we will be a good fit for your project.  It’s quick and easy and convenient for busy folks. Our goal is simple …. Make your life easier.

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